National Hairstylist Day is coming up on April 30th, and we want to know who is the best hair stylist in the Tri-State.

If you're like me, you're in desperate need of a haircut. I think we all are. However, since the COVID-19 outbreak created a Stay-At-Home Order and has closed down non-essential jobs, none of us have been able to get our haircut. Let me tell ya, when I look at my hair in the mirror, I believe that hairstylists and barbers are very essential.

Just because we can't get our hair cut, dyed, or whatever else you get done to it, doesn't mean that we can't support our local hair stylists.

That's why we asked you to nominate your favorite hairstylist or barber here in the Tri-State that you go to who makes your hair look the best, and who you can simply talk to about anything in the process.

We have tallied up all of the nominations and have found the top 10. You will be able to vote on your favorite hair stylist from the top 10 all week. Voting will close on April 28th and we will announce the winner online and on air on April 20th- National Hairstylist Day!

So let the Best Hairstylist In The Tri-State competition begin! Get your votes in NOW!

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