The Newburgh-Chandler Public Library is looking to expand beyond the books, movies, and music it loans out to residents, and is asking those residents for suggestions on what it should include in its new "Library of Things."

What is a "Library of Things?"

The short answer is, it's exactly what it says. It's things the library will loan out other than the standard items you've gone to the library for your entire life. The Evansville-Vanderburgh Public Library has been doing this for several years with its own Library of Things. Outside of the aforementioned books, movies, CDs, etc., they also loan out things like cake pans, outdoor games (disc golf, croquet, and things like that), musical instruments, power tools, and more.


The Newburgh-Chandler Public Library would like to offer something similar to residents of Warrick County, but instead of getting a bunch of random things no one may want, they're asking residents to give them some suggestions so they can make sure to get things they know they do.

Earlier this week, they posted the question on their Facebook page and asked residents to comment on the post with their suggestions. Some of those suggestions included a 3D printer, ladders, party platters, a movie projector with an outdoor screen, a sewing machine, hand puppets, a pop-up canopy, a power washer and more.

If you'd like to make a suggestion, click on the Facebook post above and add your suggestion in the comments.

[Source: Newburgh-Chandler Public Library]

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