Folks driving through Boonville might want to know about a new traffic pattern change if you want to make sure you avoid driving into oncoming traffic.  The Boonville Police Department took to social media to update the public on a new traffic pattern change on Second Street In Boonville. If you were to turn left onto Second Street at the stoplight, this is the view that you used to see.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Notice the "Left Turn Only Lane" in the picture? Well you won't be seeing that lane anymore. The turn lane to go west on Main Street was removed as a result of sidewalk renovations on the Square in downtown Boonville. Glancing at the comprehensive plan for the sidewalk renovations, it appears that there will be more traffic pattern adjustments to come.

So if you want to turn left, you need to stay in the same lane all the way to the right. Otherwise, you will be driving in a lane with oncoming traffic...and nobody wants that! See what the Boonville Police Department had to say regarding this lane change.

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