I don't even fish and I want one of these! Fishing has always been one of the most popular and relaxing leisure activities that has at least some appeal for almost everyone. Our oldest son loves to fish, but hates to skin and debone the fish because of the time and effort it takes to do it and if you don't do it right, the fillet could be ruined....not anymore!

I almost never write anything about a product, but this is one of the most awesome tools I have ever seen and I cannot imagine any fishermen NOT wanting to have one. I even enjoy watching the video and have watched it over and over....and I don't fish!!

This thing removes the bones and skin from the fish in just seconds, giving you an almost perfect fillet, ready for the pan or grill. Actually, this almost looks like fun. Watch the video and tell me you have no interest in at least trying it ....I dare ya!


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