How many times do you see a new idea of how to live longer?  I feel like every year there is something new.  My personal favorite is the one about drinking more coffee.  Safe to say I’m going to be around for a while…fingers crossed of course.  Anyway, it’s always something.  That being said, I feel like this year’s something will have no problem catching on.

A recent study done by the University of Georgia, suggests that light to moderate weekly drinking can help preserve your brain function.  (Yes, this means drinking adult beverages.)  I know I have heard this idea tossed around a lot and didn’t know if was an actual fact or just people justifying their drinking habits.  The folks at the University of Georgia felt the same way.  Hence the reason for the study being done.

“We wanted to know if drinking a small amount of alcohol actually correlates with a good cognitive function, or is it just a kind of survivor bias,” said study lead author Ruiyuan Zhang.

So, basically the study had people take surveys and tests dealing with brain function.  People who had one to two drinks a day scored higher than non-drinkers when it came to long term cognitive brain function.  Now anytime someone makes a comment about you having a drink, you can snap right back and say that you are just preserving your brain function.  I may or may not know someone who is going to use this response at least once or twice a week.

I always love seeing things like this come out. Because people are always so proud to admit that they are already doing whatever the new study says.  Their excitement is priceless.  So,(holds up imaginary glass) here’s to all of us staying mentally sharp for the rest of our lives.

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