The Tri-State Better Business Bureau is warning residents about a new phone scam regarding Medicare. In case you were unaware, you will receive new Medicare cards in April of 2019. These cards are said to be more secure. According to 44 News, they are more secure because "they use a Medicare beneficiary identifier instead of a social security number."

With the new cards being sent out, of course someone had to fine a way to take advantage of the situation to create a new scam. According to 44 News, here's how the new scam works:

You receive a call from a person claiming to work with Medicare. They are allegedly calling about a problem with your new Medicare card. The con artist may say your new card was lost or someone tried to use your id number. To resolve the situation, the scammer just needs your social security another version, the scammer claims you must pay money to receive your new Medicare card. They may ask you for payment information, so they can complete the process for you. They may even ask you to mail them your old card.

Medicare will not be calling anyone about the new cards, nor will they have you pay for the new secure card. If an unknown caller asks you to verify your personal information over the phone, never comply. Hang up and report the call to the Better Business Bureau.

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