How many times have you been sitting at home watching your favorite show and wishing you could just push a button and have a fresh, hot pizza show up on your doorstep? Ordering a pizza is easy enough as it is, but a new invention makes it even easier, which gives us all yet one more reason to never get off the couch. The device is called the PiePal, which connects to your internet. It has numbers 1-5 across the middle for the number of pizzas you want and a big internet-connected LED button in the middle.

Simply select the number of pizzas you want, press the button and 30 minutes guy is ringing your doorbell. Is that too sweet or what???

Unfortunately, the device is not available to the general public just yet. A few more bugs still need to be worked out and I imagine it will require a pizza host of some kind like Domino's, Pizza Hut or Papa John's. My guess is that one if not all pizza retailers will want to get in on this one. The PiePal is so close you can almost smell it. See the device in action below.

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