Evansville's east side will be the home of a new indoor playground that kids will surely be begging to visit.

When I was a kid, that go-to place for kids was Discovery Zone in Evansville, Indiana. Every 90s kid loved going there. The slides, tunnels, ball pits, and games that Discovery Zone was so much fun. It was truly one of the most memorable aspects of my childhood.

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As you know, Discovery Zone went bankrupt, and it left a huge void in fun places for families. It took nearly twenty years before Evansville got another massive indoor playground. Last year, Deep Blue Indoor Play opened up on Old Boonville Highway near Burkhardt. The facility is an underwater-themed indoor playground in Evansville will allow you, your friends, and your family to "Party, play, and climb under the sea." This two-story commercial building has nearly 20,000 square feet of slides, tunnels, climbing structures, and more.

Deep Blue Indoor Play Facebook
Deep Blue Indoor Play Facebook

This place really reminds me of my childhood. I know for a fact that kids today are clamoring for more places like this in the Evansville area to visit. Especially on those cold winter days or even rainy days when there really isn't much else to do. Well, as the old saying goes, "If you build it, they will come."

New Indoor Playground Coming to Evansville's East Side

A new indoor playground is in the works for Evansville.  Dig’ N Roll plans to open a new indoor playground in the former BFit by Bob's: Gym + Fitness building, which is located just off E Virginia Street and Cross Pointe Boulevard. As of now, not much has been released about the new indoor playground, but we do have a preview of what the building will soon look like from Turpen's Painting. Check out the post below:

This is exciting news for folks here in the Tri-State, especially those with kids. We'll keep you posted on all the latest developments with Dig 'N Roll coming to Evansville. Until then, you can check out six of the coolest indoor playgrounds in Indiana by clicking here.

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