Let's be honest, you can't get on Facebook with out seeing someone posting a selfie of them in their car. We are all guilty of it at some point. Even all of us here at WDKQ have done it!

This trend has apparently become so popular, that Chrysler has just created a new car called the Portal that takes selfies FOR YOU. This is not a joke. They seriously created a car that will take your selfie.

Here is what we know so far. There's a camera mounted in the car that automatically takes pictures of everyone inside and sends those pictures to their phones. For now, it's just a concept car, so there's no word on whether they might really produce it one day, or whether they could add the selfie feature to their other cars.

There are a few questions that I feel need to be answered though, in terms of how the car takes the selfie and how user friendly it is...especially with some selfie enthusiasts that I know.

  1. Does this car allow you to look at the picture on the dash so that you can approve of it before it sends to your phone? (We all know people who ALWAYS have to approve of the picture first.)
  2. Can you tilt or rotate the camera so you don't always have the same angle?
  3. And the most important question is: Will you only be allowed to take the selfie when the car is in park? That would be the safest way to car selfie.

What do you think about this new feature?  Would you just rather rely on your own selfie abilities?



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