Cheerios has a brand new commercial featuring an interracial couple and their daughter that has prompted internet racists to react in a way that YouTube was forced to shut down it's comments section because of the ugly, vile things being said. The commercial is really very cute and shows a little girl asking her mother if Cheerios are good for your heart, to which mom says they are.

The little cutie smiles really big and runs out of the kitchen holding a box of Cheerios. The next shot is dad asleep on the couch. When he wakes up, the left side of his chest, where his heart is, is covered in Cheerios.

For whatever reason, internet racists were all over YouTube's comment section spouting their anger over the use of an interracial family, white mother and black father.Some of the comments actually referenced the "Nazis" and "racial genocide".....are you kidding me...who are these people and under what rock do they live?

Today's society is very diverse and interracial couples are more the norm now than at any other time and how is that a bad thing? Racial harmony is vital if we expect to keep moving forward as a society.

The message in the commercial has nothing to with race and everything to do with a little girl who loves her daddy and is just doing her part to keep dad healthy. It's a very cute commercial that is positive in every way and very well done.

The commercial was released through YouTube and more than 600 dislikes were recorded for the video with these racists calling the spot disgusting. What is truly disgusting is the fact that there are still way too many people who have nothing better to do than hate. Stop it already and find something constructive to complain about because this attitude is NOT constructive and in no way shape or form is it OK.

What do you think? Watch the commercial below and see for yourself.