Attention all Tri-State NASCAR fans, we will have one more speedway in the region that we can see a Cup Race next year.

As you know, we have a couple options when it comes to seeing a NASCAR Cup Race in the area. Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Kentucky Speedway. My mom is a DIEHARD fan of NASCAR and has been to several races at Kentucky Speedway because it's not too far of a drive from the Tri-State. She's going to be thrilled to know that in 2021, she can take the 2 1/2 hour drive to Nashville, Tennessee to see her races and favorite driver, Kyle Busch (that's an inside joke...she hates Kyle Busch).

Nashville Superspeedway will hold a Cup race for the first time next season. This will mark the end to NASCAR's decade-long absence from the track in Music City.

According to NASCAR, The Nashville track is owned by Dover Motorsports, Inc. The track in Dover, Delaware typically hosts two dates per season for Cup Series races. In 2021, Dover will give up one of it's dates, to free up a date for NASCAR to race in Nashville.

The date for the Nashville race has not been announced at this time. However, it's still good news for Tri-Staters who enjoy going to races. You can go to Nashville and enjoy everything it has to offer AND see a NASCAR race in 2021. That's exciting!

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