Mr. Gatti's has been a staple in Boonville for well over 20 years, but now the pizza restaurant has decided to close its doors for good.They will be closing on October 21st.

The news is heartbreaking, as I have so many memories of going to Mr. Gatti's, as many others do too. From being a kid and begging my parents to play games instead of eating to birthday parties and even going there for lunch for our Boonville High School musical teaser days.

It is truly a loss for Boonville. Mr. Gatti's was the first thing you saw as you came into town from Highway 62. What will come of the building is still a mystery. My heart breaks for the employees there who lost their job as I know quite a few have been there for over 20 years. The owners of Boonville's Mr. Gatti's took to social media to make the announcement of their closure.

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