The Evansville Nightmare Factory won't be open for the 2023 haunting season, but they'll still be scaring the Tri-State in other ways.

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The Evansville Nightmare Factory

It started as a small home haunt to raise canned food donations for local organizations and has turned into a huge home haunt attraction that people would drive from all over to enjoy.  For over a decade, the Nightmare on Eastbrooke continued to grow to the point it finally outgrew its humble beginnings, but it sparked a passion for haunting, thus the Evansville Nightmare Factory began.  What was once an old empty warehouse, is now the new home to Evansville's newest haunted attraction.

Evansville Nightmare Factory
Evansville Nightmare Factory

After more than a year of planning and hard work, the Evansville Nightmare Factory, unfortunately, is unable to be open in time for haunting season 2023, but they've still found ways to scare the Tri-State and one of those ways is by teaming up with one of Henderson's popular haunted attractions, Henderson Haunts.

Henderson Haunts Adds Mobile Escape Room Courtesy of ENF

After hearing about  Evansville Nightmare Factory's setbacks for opening this year, the two haunts decided to join forces and help one another out.  Evansville Nightmare Factory is loaning Henderson Haunts their Last Ride coffin simulator, and they just announced they'll also be hosting their mobile escape game at the Henderson Haunts midway.


Starting October 13th you can not only enjoy Henderson Haunts but also Escape the Dark a mobile escape room put on by the Evansville Nightmare Factory.  They say groups of 2-4 can enjoy the mobile escape room and attempt to escape the dark.  If you want to learn more you can check out Henderson Haunts Facebook page and Evansville Nightmare Factory's page.

It's awesome to see a couple of haunters team up to share their love of Halloween! May this season be the best yet!!

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