It's been described as an "extreme horror experience" and you can check it out in Henderson.

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Evansville Nightmare Factory
Evansville Nightmare Factory

Henderson Haunts

Henderson Haunts is a staple haunted house in the Henderson area. This year the theme for Henderson Haunts is Mental:

As the state abandons their asylum the patients stay. Enduring years of suffering they know no different. Trespass and experience their lives and pray they don't catch you.

This year they have also teamed up with Evansville Nightmare Factory for the Last Ride, a coffin simulator.

Take a Ride to Your Final Resting Place

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to take that ride to your final resting place?  To be honest, the thought gives me a whole lot of anxiety, but when you think about it, the thought of your body being carried around in a wooden box while your loved ones watch IS kind of weird.  Kind of creepy.  And kind of perfect for a Halloween simulation!

Henderson Haunts
Henderson Haunts

The Last Ride Coffin Simulator

So what is a coffin simulator? Well, Mortem Manor describes it below:

The "Last Ride" burial simulator is a personal, solo, extreme horror experience that will test all of your senses. "Last Ride" will take you on an extreme journey ending in your final resting place. You will be placed on your back in our coffin and sealed into TOTAL DARKNESS. You hear the sounds...feel the movements...smell the roses

This particular coffin simulator was once at Nightmare on Eastbrooke, a home haunt in Evansville, but Nightmare on Eastbrooke got too big for it's location and became Evansville Nightmare Factory, a full-scale haunted house. Unfortunately, they won't be able to open as planned for the Halloween season in 2023, but Evansville Nightmare Factory has teamed up with Henderson Haunts to still help make this season the scariest in the Tri-State yet!

If you want to experience the Last Ride coffin simulator or Henderson Haunts, they kick off their season on October 13th, you can check out their full 2023 season schedule, here.

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