Kentuckians should be thrilled to know that you won't be paying nearly as much for groceries as most other states.

I don't know about you, but one of my least favorite things to do as an adult is to go grocery shopping. It costs so much to get so little nowadays. I'm sure you'll agree that when you go to the checkout to purchase your groceries, you are always shocked by the fact that you spent a whole lot of money even though your cart isn't even half full. Oh, and don't even get me started on the price of groceries in a full cart.

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We all have our favorite grocery stores to shop at though. These are the ones that we feel give us the best bang for our buck. I enjoy places like Ruler Foods because I really can tell the difference in price at checkout compared to something like Walmart. That being said, there are all kinds of grocery stores across the state of Kentucky that pride themselves in their lower prices.

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Recently, the website Love Food ranked each state by grocery prices from most expensive to least expensive. Their round-up is based on a recent study by CashNetUSA, which worked out the cost a 12-item grocery list and its vegan counterpart at Walmart in each state. They also looked at average income data to justify relative affordability, which is the time you’d have to work on average to pay for the items.

That being said, it looks like Kentucky is one of the most affordable states to buy groceries.

Kentucky is One of the Cheapest States to Buy Groceries

The state of Kentucky comes in as the third cheapest state to buy groceries. Now, Kentuckians might not agree because it still costs a lot to buy groceries compared to even a few years prior. However, compared to other states, you've got it good...unless you're vegan. Here's what  Love Food said about Kentucky's grocery prices:

Birthplace to the world’s most famous fried chicken joint, Kentucky is relatively affordable for most – but not for anyone cutting out meat and dairy. While regular groceries sell well below average – 6.72% cheaper, to be precise – Kentucky is the ninth least affordable state for vegans.
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Again, this is good news for Kentuckians. Oh, and if you were curious, Hawaii is the most expensive state to buy groceries (which makes sense since most everything has to be imported) and West Virginia is the cheapest. You can check out more by clicking here.

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