M&M's has been around for 75 years now, and they have released many new flavors, but this one seems like the strangest. The candy company just kicked off 2017 by rolling out a brand new flavor:  White Cheesecake. While I love cheesecake and M&M's, I don't know how I feel about the mashup. It just doesn't sound like it goes together. However, I am not opposed to trying it!


If you would like to try some, they're on sale from now through Valentine's Day at Walmart. This is not the only new flavor that M&M's plans on releasing this year. They already have announced that they will start selling Carmel M&M's in May. Now, this is a flavor that I can get behind!  

Introducing a new fan favorite. Are you excited for your first taste?

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If you had plans on eating healthier for your New Year's Resolution, M&M's just made it a little harder on you!

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