A very young Missouri baby girl has taken over TikTok. When you see this, you'll understand why. She thinks that their family dog fetching a ball is absolutely a scream - literally.

I envy this little girl named Collins in Butler, Missouri. I wish I could laugh this hard. Here's what her mom said about what happened:

We’re sitting on the floor with our daughter Collins at our home when our dog lady brought over the tennis ball to play fetch. After throwing the ball Collin starts laughing hysterically. We had never heard her laugh like this before so we had to capture the moment!

She uploaded the video to Snapchat, TikTok and now YouTube and it already has thousands of views.

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There's nothing profound I can add to that other than my family had dogs even before I was born. As an only child, the dogs were my best friends so the fact that Collins finds her dog so funny does not surprise me.

As the world continues to deal with heavy and sometimes ultra-negative issues, we could all use a few more innocent laugh moments like this one. There are worse things to share than a little girl and her fetching dog.

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