Laughing Babies Should Rule Our World
There is no other reason to post the below video for anything other than the sheer beauty of it. This video needs no explanation or commentary beyond one of the best videos you will ever see....watching this little guy laughing at his favorite Geico commercial.
Owning a Dog Could Give Your Baby’s Health a Big Boost
Every Thursday, Leslie and I have Sydney Long from the Vanderburgh Humane Society in studio to discuss pet adoption, and we usually feature a dog looking for a great, loving home. The relationship between children and dogs needs little explanation and Long talks about how well the dogs do when adopt…
Let The Pacifier War Games Begin!! [Video]
There are wars and there are wars, some of epic proportion. Ok, maybe epic is a slight exaggeration about the war taking place in the below video. Baby videos are the best and even though this video is a little more than 30-seconds, it's so funny.
The Fun And Not So Fun Parts Of Being A Baby [Videos]
It's the start of St. Patrick's Day weekend and what better way to get into the weekend than with a couple of videos involving babies. There is just something about baby videos that we just can't get enough of  like a baby seeing bubbles for the very first time or taking a shot t…
Babies Rock Out To Johnny Cash [VIDEO]
Johnny Cash, was not exactly someone you would  think of for a lullaby to soothe your babies. That is until the parents of 9-month-old twins Reece and Levi decided to use the music of the 'Man In Black.'
Are You Ready To Be A Parent?
If you are thinking about becoming a parent, there are many factors you should consider before you start picking aout baby names! You're not ready to be a parent unless you can pass the following

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