It has been a long, long time since I have changed a diaper. My kids are teenagers, so that hasn't been on my list of duties (get it?) for many years. I wasn't a real big fan of that job back then, but you gotta do what you gotta do - that just comes with the territory when you become a parent. I can handle dealing with my own kids' stinky booty, but I want nothing to do with somebody else's. If I were asked to change a poopy diaper these days, I might just have the same reaction as this dog.

He's Just Keepin' It Real

I think the reason we find animal videos so funny is because they are unintentional - the animals aren't trying to be funny. This dog, for example, is just having an honest reaction to smelling a baby's poopy diaper. It is so hilarious because we can all relate to it. When faced with a similar situation, we (humans) could pinch our nose and say something like "Wooooweeee, that's funky!" Dogs can't do that, at least, I've never seen a dog pinch its nose. So, what can a dog do then? It does just what this dog did.


@pup__c1ty Pup Smells Something Funny #pupcity #puppy ♬ original sound - Picture Perfect

What Is That Dog Thinking?

After I'm done laughing at the dog's reaction, I like to imagine what the puppy is thinking - that allows me to get even more enjoyment out of the video. In this case, I imagine the dog is trying to rat out the baby - he's trying to let mom know what's going on. He remembers getting into trouble for doing the same thing as a puppy and he doesn't want this strange, small human to get away with it. Haha!

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