Some days I think Bruce Wayne is living his best life.Other days, I'm not sure what to think.  It's never a dull moment with this dog. Since we moved in to town he has discovered cats. They still are illusive to him, but he tries his best to get close. He's tried, but they hiss and run off. It boggles him.  He thinks all critters are his friends.

One night I decided to take Bruce for a walk. I got him on the leash and he darted down the stairs, I then seen an orange cat jump up a tree. No wonder he was excited! He then peed on the tree then proceeded to drag me down the street. Yes, that 22 pound dog and dragging my butt down the street. I then noticed why I was being drug. Three cats were waiting on the corner. Three stray cats on the corner. Luckily Bruce Wayne got distracted when peeing on a trash can, so I got him turned around so I could be drug back to the house.

By now it was dark but the street lights made it still light enough. Before we left I didn't think about turning on the porch light. I wish I would've. We got to our stairs and he went up with with no hesitation. I was looking elsewhere stepping up the steps. I herd a hiss. I screamed when I seen a brown cat flying toward my face. I think we scared each other, cause that cat did not make a graceful landing. Poor thing rolled down the stairs and ran off.

I stood on my steps for a bit to process what had happened. I was just happy I didn't pee my pants. I went up the rest of the stairs. Then I heard a whimper from Bruce Wayne. He looked up at me, his tail slowly wagging. "Really Bruce Wayne?" His tail picked up speed. I shook my head and walked inside after him. Crazy dog.


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