Everyone that knows me knows that I am very protective and crazy about my two pugs Parker and Bruce Wayne Since I have moved to Slaughters, they have more freedom to romp and play outside with out having to be leashed.


They look cute. Well, this was after Bruce Wayne got in trouble, and had a stern finger wagged at him. He's the one in front. Parker, this time was being good. You've seen it on the interned where people shame their pets.... I will admit I have.


This was them last year. Parker east everything! In just a few days he ate ribbon, certain bills, anything paper, and consider it ate if it was in a plastic baggie. You see he gives no flips. Brucey, well he's cute at being bad. Chapstick eating, getting on the table, and chewing his brothers ears. He didn't want to admit to his crimes!

Bruce Wayne still feels like he must get his wiggles. He decided to take an adventure when my mom was taking them out for their business meetings. I don't call it potty breaks, just not me. Business sounds more fun! But he ran off and went exploring in one of the sheds near our house. Scared my mother to death! Earlier this week, I let them out for their morning meeting, and decided to chase a rabbit. His little butt about kept up with the rabbit, but I don't like him getting near the road. Saturday morning, he changed that.


If you cant read his sign(which I cant spell): I crossed the street, frolicked in the ditch, danced in the street, and gave ZERO attention to mom while she yelled at me! I finally marked the neighbors mailbox!! I am Bruce Wayne!!


Making sure Parker didn't feel left out, I made one for him as well. Its true, the day is still young for him!

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