If you haven't noticed we love our animals at WKDQ and Townsquare Media. You hear it all the time to be cautious about leaving your pets in the car while its hot outside. Have you heard about watching the heat of the ground of the summer when your take your dog out for a walk? Yeah, I didn't really think about that being a big issue until a few years ago.


I have two pugs. So when its really hot or cold, I wouldn't keep them out long because they have the smushed up face and its harder for them to breathe. I never dreamed that hot pavement would cause issues to their little feet!!! If they are on the hot pavement for a while, it could hurt the pads on their paws and cause them to bleed.  So now, when Its hot and I see dogs out walking with their owners, I'm worried for their feet in the summer! So, please keep that in mind when you have your dog out this summer. Get them some shoes! Sent me this pictures if you do! I love seeing dogs in shoes!

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