Mickey's Kingdom is only $600 away from their massive $50,000 goal! If they can reach this goal, they'll get a matching donation of $50,000 from Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority! Here's how you can help! 

You can help Mickey's Kingdom by donating here! They're so close to their goal, and if they hit that goal they'll receive a matching $50,000 donation, making the total $100,00 to go towards Mickey's Kingdom!

Mickey's Kingdom is going to be a great playground in Downtown Evansville, that will be inclusive, so children with all abilities can play and enjoy themselves, and be kids!

Here's what Mickey's Kingdom has to say about the upcoming playground:

The original Kids Kingdom was inspired by two City of Evansville Police Officers who saw a need in our community for a safe space for kids to play. Police Chief Billy Bolin himself oversaw the construction of Kid's Kingdom. That playground has been a tremendous success, and we're incredibly sad to have to say goodbye to such an important part of our community. But that's not the end of our story! The challenge posed by the closing of Kids Kingdom has inspired many amazing local heroes to come together to support a Kids Kingdom 2: Mickey's Kingdom.

The playground is named in honor of Mykenna "Mickey" Phernetton, daughter of one of those local heroes: Police Sgt. Patrick Phernetton. Sgt. Phernetton helped establish '911 Gives Hope' and the 'Guns and Hoses' boxing fundraiser for Kids Kingdom upkeep and to support a group home for kids with Prader-Will syndrome; kids like his own daughter Mickey.

911 Gives Hope was a major supporter of Mickey's Kingdom, one of many that we're incredibly thankful for. With this campaign we're excited to finish fundraising and focus instead on construction, maintenance, and enjoying the result of the hard work of our entire community. But we need your help to see this through!

Get more details, and help out Mickey's Kingdom, here!


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