The Fall Festival is here again, and one of my favorite booths is the It Takes a Village booth! They serve up some crazy Cajun food, AND alligator! 

There's so many crazy food variations at the Fall Fest, but one of my favorites is stopping by the It Takes a Village booth 108 at Fall Fest to get some Cajun food! I love Cajun food and only get it two times a year, Mardi Gras, and Fall Fest!

I stopped by last night and had Jumbalayas Drunken Cousin (to be honest, I'll probably go back and have it again for dinner!) and dessert of white chocolate bread pudding, that honestly is so good it should be illegal.

But last year I got a little adventurous and tried REAL ALLIGATOR, I'm not usually super adventurous when it comes to food, but when I had the chance to try alligator, I had to, and you know the phrase "tastes like chicken!" did!

Check out my first impression:



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