Evansville Mayor Elect Lloyd Winnecke continues to put his administration together by naming Evansville Police Sgt. Billy Bolin as poilce chief. Winnecke offically takes office on January 1 and Bolin will assume his new responsibilities at that time as well replacing current chief, Brad Hill.

 Winnecke is still yet to name a fire chief and chief of staff. Bolin is one of the founding members of 911 Gives Hope which is a local charity made up of police officers and fire fighters from the area. The main charity event that 911 Gives Hope sponsors is the annual Guns & Hoses Boxing event which has been responsible for donating thousands of dollars over the last few years to programs that are geared to area children which is the main focus of the charity. It was Bolin and Sgt. Paul Kirby who were the driving forces to establish the Kid's Kingdom playground in Sunrise Park in downtown Evansville.