Karaoke can get you nearly killed. SO, you better be REALLY careful with your song choice!!! That’s what a California man learned on Thursday, of last week (Jan. 26), when his 70-year-old father shot him because he was annoyed by a country song he was singing on karaoke.

According to Redding.com, here’s what happened: The son told the cops that he and his father battled over his country karaoke music. His dad apparently told his son, “I’m going to shut you up” before leaving to grab a semi-automatic weapon from his truck, which he then pointed at his son, who had come outside to discuss things.

The son re-entered the house and locked the door. When he thought he was safe and that his father was no longer on his front porch, he opened the door, only to be confronted once again by his pistol-packing pop. A fight ensued, and the son was shot several times, with wounds to his arm, shoulder and chest. He also suffered a head injury, while his father was shot in the leg during the tussle.

The report did not indicate which particular country song but, I'm guessing 'Achy Breaky Heart'! !!!! ;-)

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