Oh wipe that look off your face! I know what I'm talking about here! Rats make wonderful pets - I know I had one for almost four years. His name was GusGus and he was pure joy.

Photo: Ashley S Here's me chillin' on the couch with my akita, Chihuahua and rat! #lovewins
Photo: Ashley S
Here's me chillin' on the couch with my akita, Chihuahua and rat! #lovewins

When I saw Luka up for adoption, my heart melted. Luka isn't a run-of-the-mill sewer rat. He's a fancy rat. Meaning he's tame. And, if you are considering a pet in your life, here's why pet rats are the best.

They Are Smart

For years, researchers have used rats in mind game experiments because they can learn to do things. And they work for snacks!

They Are Friendly

No lie, GusGus would come out of his cage and play with our dogs and lay in my lap just like the other dogs. He would play with my 115 lb akita and lay on my shoulders and give me sweet little kisses on my cheek. I miss GusGus.

They Are Contained

Don't have time for a dog? Rats can stay in their cage all day. Just make sure they get some socialization because they are friendly.

They Don't Live Long

This might be a drawback because you'll fall in love. They only live about 2-3 years but GusGus lived about four because well... he was loved so much I guess.

They Aren't Expensive

Know how much I spend on my stupid elderly dogs? I don't want to talk about it... special diets, medication, vet visits. It adds up. Fancy rats don't eat much and after the initial cage set up, aren't costly.

So, yea, if I could I'd take Luka in a heartbeat but I have one of those pesky hunter cats who'd find a way to eat him up. But, Luka is available for adoption thru Another Chance for Animals. I hope you'll consider giving him the loving home he deserves!

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