During the show, I frequently talk about my dad who I fondly call Captain Morgan. Jon and I both joke about my childhood with The Captain and Bar Wench. But aside from all the jokes, I would like to take a moment to share with you the wonderful, giving spirit of my dad, Frank.

A Terre Haute, IN woman who has been without electrical service since a May 25 storm, because she couldn't afford to pay Duke Energy to fix the damaged meter base and outdoor wiring, will soon be able to turn on her lights and warm herself with heat, thanks to my dad and a couple of other retired electrtians.

She’s used candles for light,  two propane heaters for heat, neighbors house for hot showers and a gas stove to cook. Her boss contacted the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, IBEW Local 725, to see if they could help.

Yesterday, three IBEW retirees — John McMullen, Don May and Frank Mershon  (aka: Captain Morgan :-) —  volunteerd their time and expertise so the woman’s electrical power can be restored.

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I love you, Dad and am so proud to be your daughter. Your integrity and generosity is insprational.

We should all use our gifts and talents in this way. As the new year begins, make a resolution to give where other need. I know I am!!

Happy New Year!!!!!! :-)

Source: Tribune Star