It's the week of Halloween, time to cozy in, grab some snacks and scare the day lights out of yourself. Watch my favorites, they will give you chills. Including a look at the horror  movie I co-starred in that was shot right here in the Tristate.

When it comes to scary movies, I like stories that aren't typical, maybe even based on real events that have twists and turns. Movies that make my jump out of my skin and lead me into analyzing discussions are my jam.

Here are my top five picks, in no particular order.



Some of my former students are starring in a locally shot horror film that will have it's world premiere this weekend. Take a look at the trailer.


Quite a bit goes into making a movie. I had the really cool experience of shooting a locally shot horror film too. The movieScorned was shot in Boonville, IN, Owensboro, and Whitesville, KY.

We had a blast. Take a look at out behind the scenes video. You will see me in some of the movie footage, the voice telling the story, being interviewed off camera and female lead vocals one of the songs.

We shot another short film, Flight Delay, in Princeton, IN. My ex husband is the star and I play an assassin. You will see my evil eye. LOL It was really fun too.

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