Leslie Puts the Love For Her Children To Music
I have been blessed with 3 amazing, beautiful children and have also been blessed with a wonderful, beautiful 'bonus' daughter. I still find it hard to believe that God would trust ME, with all my weaknesses and mistakes, to care for these precious souls. Being their mother is a job I was in NO WAY …
Leslie Expresses Love for Her Kids Through Music
Today is Mother's Day and mothers all over the country are receiving gifts. But for most mothers, like me, it's not about the gifts or cards we get but the memories our children have given to us over the years. Some of my most precious memories involve music.
History Of Whistling In Music All But Forgotten [Video]
When you think about the music business today, you probably don't think about how whistling has played a part in music over the years. Whistling is something that most of us can do to some extent and there are some of us who are very good whistlers and more of us who are not good…
Big Ninja Keeping it in the Family
Chances are if you haven’t heard the name you have seen some of their artwork hanging in various bars around the Evansville area. Big Ninja Family Productions, the company responsible for developing websites for Lamasco Bar and Grill, Joe’s Orchard, and the Homegrown …
Babies Rock Out To Johnny Cash [VIDEO]
Johnny Cash, was not exactly someone you would  think of for a lullaby to soothe your babies. That is until the parents of 9-month-old twins Reece and Levi decided to use the music of the 'Man In Black.'
This Dog Loves To Listen To Music [VIDEO]
I love music. I guess that's why I have made my career all about music. Music cries with me, lifts my spirits, helps me escape, soothes my soul and makes my body want to move. The dog in this video feels just like me!

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