I remember going to visit both of my grandmas in a nursing home. They were always so happy to see us. We would hug and sit and talk for hours, or until they got tired. One thing that always made me sad were the people who had no one come and visit them. They were the ones I gravitated toward.

Sometimes, a wave and a smile was all they needed, other times just to hold your hand. I remember my dad telling me stories about when he worked as an orderly in a rehabilitation part of a hospital when he was in college. When he would tell us his stores, his face would light up, it still does. I reminder one story so vividly.

It was about a group of three gentleman who would sit at a card table every afternoon and play cards with no actual deck of cards. One day, early in his tenure at the hospital, he asked them if they needed a fourth at the table to play cards with them. The men were thrilled and asked him to join. Every day that dad worked, he played a game of vicars with the men. Everyday, they made up a card game from their memories. Memories of a game they loved and that made them feel alive. Everyday, then game was different, with a different outcome, but with the same make belie deck of cards. Dad knew the daily games meant everything to them. Sometimes, it's the little things that can mean so much.

On Friday, at Creekwood Place Nursing and Rehabilitation, in Russellville KY, a day of fishing, like the card game brought joy to the faces of their residents. Tractor Supply provided the tanks for the day and the staff provided the rest of the supplies for a wonderful day of fresh air and fish.

I love this so much! Bless the staff at Creekwood Place Nursing and Rehabilitation.Look at all pics of the beautiful day.

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Pictures of Joy


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