You've heard the saying, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas." Well, at K.T.'s Barbershop in Henderson, Kentucky, the Christmas tree is still up. But, it's not exactly bringing to mind a winter wonderland. Instead, it's serving up some four-leaf clover, "Kiss me, I'm Irish" realness. For the next few weeks, the popular shop is home to a St. Patrick's Day tree!

Kenzie Gentry, who owns her namesake K.T.'s, admits that the tree itself has been up since well before Christmas. To nutshell a long story, Kenzie is obsessed with Christmas.  She LOVES it! At home, her tree always goes up right after Thanksgiving. However, this year, oddly, she took that particular tree down BEFORE New Year's Eve.  Well, even though that tree was at Kenzie's house, it may have triggered a string of some bad luck at the barbershop. At least, she thinks so.

Kenzie immediately had issues with two different sets of clippers. Her barber chair malfunctioned. Part of the ceiling at K.T.'s collapsed. She decided, "It had to be the tree!"  So, Kenzie vowed then and there that the tree inside the shop "wasn't going anywhere."  And it hasn't.

Since that time, the Christmas ornaments came off and it received a bit of a makeover for Valentine's Day. Kenzie says she "didn't go all out" but says the tree was decorated with pink and red ornaments and a red bow!

Now, the tree's enjoying its third incarnation. It will inspire you to wear green and chug a pint of beer or two! Kenzie has created a really fun St. Patrick's Day tree.

Kenzie Gentry
Kenzie Gentry
She says the customers are loving it. According to Kenzie, "I have people stop in and compliment my tree and what a cool idea it is."  She adds, "The kids think it's just the coolest thing ever keeping the tree up and they want their moms to do it."
And, the guys are digging it as well. Kenzie says, "Husbands whose hair I cut tell me their wives now want to do it at home."
So, what happens when St. Patrick's Day's a wrap? Kenzie is urging her customers to stay tuned!
She says, "There are many plans for the upcoming seasons." Among those plans- a tree to tribute area moms for Mother's Day, tributes to area dads for Father's Day and a Memorial Day tree that honors customers and Henderson residents who served in the military.
If you'd like to check out K.T.'s Barbershop, you'll find it at 127 North Elm Street in Henderson.

Kenzie opened the shop on April 17th, 2021 and is preparing for her official grand opening with the Chamber of Commerce. Kenzie and her fellow barber Brittanie Miller have worked hard to create a space where everyone is welcome to share their stories and become a part of the fabric and history of the shop.

That history truly has come full circle. The building that houses K.T.'s now actually used to be a barbershop decades ago. In fact, Kenzie's grandfather used to get his haircut in the exact same building his granddaughter is now cutting hair in. It's a shop rich in tradition and rich in memories.  And, with that Christmas/St. Patrick's Day/Mother's Day/Memoria/ Day/Father's Day/4th of July tree sitting in the lobby, Kenzie's going to be creating even more amazing memories for years to come.

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