Kraft just launched a new campaign that sounds dirtier than it really is.

The Mac and Cheese makers launched a new Twitter contest called "Send Noods."  Now, when you read that out loud, you know what it sounds like. However, I can assure you that they do not want you to send them dirty pictures of yourself.

The reason why it's called "Send Noods" is because "Noods" is short for noodles. So the pictures they are wanting you to send are of your macaroni and cheese...not a picture of you in your birthday suit.

However, I must admit, the commercial they created for this campaign is pretty cleaver and intentionally misleading. For example, the commercial starts out by saying "In these strange times, people are in need of extra comfort. That's why it's always a nice gesture to to send noods." Say that line out loud and you will get the humor. Check it out below:

Here's how you can send noods: If you tweet the #SendNoods hashtag at Kraft, you can win the chance to send a free box of mac and cheese to a friend or family member. Because who wouldn't enjoy your noods, right?! You might want to do it fast though. , They're only giving away 7,000 boxes and lots of people LOVE sending nudes...I mean noods.

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