I have to admit I'm not really a wine drinker. The taste of it never really appealed to me. Maybe it's all of the tequila shots I did in college. I guess they dulled my taste buds. Anyway, imagine my surprise when my in-laws drove down to our house on their golf cart, holding a bottle of wine and four wine glasses, like we lived on some sort of a vineyard. I could totally see them bring a case of beer down to my house, but wine? Never.

My mother-in-law, who loves her Busch Light, proceeded to tell me how much she loved Purple Toad Winery wines. She said I had to try a glass of Killer B'sSo, of course I took a sip. It was amazing. I had two glasses. Remember, I was sharing it with three other people. I didn't want to be hoggish.

Purple Toad Winery is located in Paducah, KY. If they can turn someone like me into a wine drinker, they are doing something right. They have so many delicious flavors, are not the expensive, offer tastings and tours, and you can also buy their wine in individual cans. Now, they have introduced their latest wine, Cotton Candy.

Look for it on the shelves this week. Follow them on Facebook and order your wine, HERE.

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