You have the opportunity to take a nighttime kayaking trip in Indiana underneath the stars and a full moon.

I have been kayaking for a few years now and I love it. Something about being out on the water in a kayak is freeing and relaxing. You can escape the world, go at your own pace, and be one with nature. I absolutely love it. Around the Tri-State, there are a lot of great places for you to go kayaking. I remember the first time I went, it was the Blue River. You're able to rent kayaks and equipment there if you don't have any. That's how I knew I needed to invest in my own kayak. The Blue River sparked my love for kayaking, and I think it just rejuvenated it with a couple of upcoming events that sound so awesome.

Full Moon Floats at Blue River


Cave Country Canoes will be hosting a couple of nighttime kayaking trips this summer where you can float and paddle underneath the stars and a full moon. According to their website:

<p>Each full moon float will begin just before dusk. Participants will get to experience the sunset on the river and enjoy all the sounds and sensations of the river at night. This adventurous trip is 7 miles and ends at our base at Cave Country Canoes.</p><p>Paddlers will have the rapids and rocks behind them before the sun rests and be navigating the calm open river in the darkest times. A steady but comfortable paddling pace will be needed.</p>

Here's a little sample of last year's full moon float at Cave Country Canoes:

2022 Cave Country Canoes Full Moon Floats

Cave Country Canoes in Milltown, Indiana will be hosting two full moon floats in 2022. The first event will be held on July 16th and the second full moon float will be on August 13th.

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Those planning on attending these full moon floating trips must be 14 years of age or older, with an adult, and must have previous kayak experience. Since this is a nighttime kayaking trip, you are going to want to bring two sources of light (i.e. a flashlight and/or headlamp), and mosquito repellent. Oh, and you can either bring your own kayak or they will have some there to rent, with a limited number of canoes to rent as well.

Since these trips are only on specific nights, you will have to register in advance. Cave Country Canoes says that you can call 812-633-4806 for reservations or you can register online for either date by clicking here.

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