Yesterday I was cutting up a block of frozen chocolate for my boys to share. I was attempting a particular angle when all of a sudden, the knife went right across my right index finger and up to the nail...huge gash. The thing that was so weird is the fact I was using an ordinary butter knife and in that instant, I realized how much we depend on our fingers for everything we do. The thumb and index finger are particularly important and you don't realize how important until you can't use one for whatever reason.

Reaching into your back pocket to get your wallet, trying to get your debit card out of the side slot of your wallet, drying off after a shower, getting dressed and tying your shoes suddenly become monumental tasks...all because of a hurt finger. Little things that you NEVER think about become so much harder when you can't use your index's almost embarrassing, while also kind of enlightening.

Right now for example, I am typing this using the middle finger on my right hand and I'm correcting mistakes about every third word because this is just awkward.I tried to ignore it, but every time I tried to do something it started to bleed again...every time, so now I just have to wait it out.

What I have learned over the last 12 hours is how much in life we completely take for granted and THAT is the most aggravating part of this. For me, this has been mostly about never forgetting to appreciate the little things including, but in no way limited to your fingers. Who knew a deep finger gash could result in such a deep thought. Maybe, cutting my finger was no accident...hmmm. Just a thought, albeit a random thought.