This is day two of schools being closed with the kids being home and of course, I'm at home playing Mr. mom. Over the holiday break, my wife Lisa talked me into to watching the classic,'A Christmas Story' for the first time. Yes, I said for the first time....I know, I is it I never saw that movie? Honestly, I never had an interest until now so my wife would leave me alone about it.

My sons laughed out loud when poor Flick got his tounge stuck to the pole. My son, Ethan found this particularly amusing and quizically asked if that really happens when you put your tounge on a freezing metal object.

We told him that is exactly what happens and not to get any bright ideas about testing a movie scene. Fast forward to today and as we are going into the house, Ethan spots a metal rod on the garage frame. Luckily, I turned around just in time to find his tounge extended, just milimeters from the metal. I scream, NOOOO... causing the neighbor's dog to jump about seven feet in the air. Crisis averted...whewwww!

Definitely NOT something you want to attempt in this kind of cold. Below is the classic scene from A Christmas Story. By the way, I watched the movie three more times that day, completely unable to rip myself away. Ethan did say he wanted a BB gun, but I said no way...YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!!!!

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