Downtown Evansville, particularly the Main St. Walkway, has been through quite a resurgence over the past several years. It's gone from literally being the center of town in the city's infancy to the go-to shopping destination in the 40s, 50s, and 60s (like the east side is today), to a place you didn't go to after dark when I was growing up. These days, thanks to the efforts of Mayor Lloyd Winnecke's administration, particularly the Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District, and those of his predecessor, Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel, who was responsible for getting the Ford Center built, the Walkway is once again becoming a destination for residents and visitors to go for food, entertainment, and even a place to live. The increase in popularity is also attracting more businesses looking to get in on the action to the area. That includes a new coffee and craft soda business getting ready to open up shop in the not-to-distant future.

According to Evansville 411 News on Facebook, Joe Brewski is set to take over the space formerly occupied by a few different businesses over the years including Bliss Artisan, Keylee’s Pizza and Creamery, and most recently 6th Street Deli. The storefront is located roughly a half-block north of the Main Street Walkway across from the Victory Theater.

I'll admit, I wasn't familiar with Joe Brewski, so I stalked scrolled through their Facebook page to see what they were all about it. From what I've gathered, the business offers a variety of coffee, cold brews, and craft sodas, and got its start as a home business before working from "commissary kitchens." As of right now, they sell their products from a small cart at places like local farmer's markets, and some of their sodas are available on tap at Read Street BBQ near Deaconess Midtown Hospital.

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Evansville 411's post doesn't mention an opening date, nor does Joe Brewski who shared the post on their page. While we wait for that, you can check out the Joe Brewski website to see the variety of products they offer, and even purchase a few (or all of them if you want).

[Source: Evansville 411 News on Facebook]


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