There have been many conspiracy theories about secret messages hidden in music. Not too many of these have involved country records but one 1973 tune by Dolly Parton has stirred up some interest especially when you slow the speed down.

Dolly's Song "Jolene" was her second number one. Most likely She didn't have a secret message in the tune but Dolly has managed to keep her tattooed body hidden from us all these years so maybe she is hiding something in this record too.

Listen for yourself and see what you think. What you will hear in the first video is Dolly at a regular record speed of 45 RPM.  In the second video the sound is at 331/3 RPM. To me the slow version sounds like a man--or at least a woman who has a voice like Cher. Is there a secret meaning if you think of it as being sung by a man? What do you think?

First -- Here's a slightly pudgy Dolly doing her hit live in 1975

And now slowed down 25%





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