Recently, Sam Hunt posted a few pictures on Instagram and what fans found in the photos had them baffled...and heartbroken.


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bro bro

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Do you see what I see? That's a wedding band on his left hand. It begs the question, "Did Sam Hunt secretly tie the knot?"

The answer to that question is NO. Yes, that IS his wedding band on his finger, however, he is NOT married...not yet anyway. The wedding to Hannah Lee is still a few weeks away. So, why is he already wearing it? According to CMT, Sam said that he likes to feel of the ring on his finger, and he already considers himself to be married.

I suppose that his good news for some of  his female fans out there. He's not married yet, and there could be a glimmer of hope that he will like a tweet that you send him and you two will live happily ever after....but since he already considers himself to be married, you may just have to settle for a liked tweet.


My question is this: "Is it strange for a man to wear a wedding ring before marriage?" I mean women get to wear the engagement ring, so should it be acceptable for men to do the same, or is that ring something special that should wait until you are actually married? You tell me...


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