We're sad to report that another Evansville area restaurant has made the tough decision to close its doors.

Same Building - Different Restaurant

We reported back in January of 2021 that a longtime Evansville restaurant was closing its doors. Iwataya Japanese Restaurant closed up shop on its North Kentucky Avenue location after twenty years of serving sushi and other Japanese cuisines to the community.

New Business Moved In

After the closing of Iwataya, a new restaurant made the space at 8401 North Kentucky Avenue home but this time it was Peruvian foods on the menu. The property formerly occupied by Iwataya became home to Inkas Charcoal Grill and Bar.

A Short-Lived Venture

Inkas Charcoal Grill and Bar first launched its Facebook page on July 9, 2021, and just 15 months later the restaurant made the announcement on social media that they have decided to close the business. However, based on that same post, it does appear that the business may be up for sale as well.

Amigos, we just wanted to announce that we decided to shut down our restaurant's operation. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for all your support of our business, employees, and family.
If someone would like to buy or take it over, please contact Caroline at (812) 573-8018.
Thank you very much and god bless you all!
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Wishing Them the Best

We always hate to see any local business have to make the tough decision to shut down operations and while we certainly never know what the future holds, we do wish the owners and all of the staff at Inkas Charcoal Grill and Bar the very best.

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