Infomercials are by far the worst things on television today. The acting is so bad and kinda makes all of us look like bumbling fools using everyday household products that actually work much better than portrayed in the infomercial. They also try and convince you that life as you know it, will stop dead if you don't buy this new product. My favorite is the one for the spray that stops and seals leaks, I think it's rubber in can or something. At the end, the pitchman is sitting in a boat with a screen door bottom, sprayed with this material, showing how effective this product is. Watch his face the next time you see it...he is scared to death that he is about to go swimming and can't wait for the director to cut away.

The actors make every day life look absolutely impossible and there is a reason these 'actors' can't get any work beyond these stupid infomercials...because their 'acting' sucks!

The below video is a collection of infomercial moments that captures the hidden hilarity in these things and just how dumb they really are. This is actually very funny...see for yourself.