If you were a "hippie" back in the day, you are now officially welcome back to one Indiana town.

LaGrange County, Indiana, put a law into effect in 1971 that blocked huge gatherings of "hippies", such as the Woodstock music festival. The law banned gatherings of more than 500 people that lasted over 12 hours.For some reason, the town had a thing against hippies I suppose.

Now, we all know quite a few people who were most likely considered hippies back in the day. Heck, I'm pretty sure that my dad was a hippie. Personally, I can't think of the term "hippies" without thinking of Cartman from South Park. If you have seen the show, you know of Cartman's random, ongoing disdain for hippies. I imagine that the person who came up with this law in LaGrange was the inspiration behind the Cartman character.

Finally, after 50 years, this "anti-hippie ordinance" in LaGrange has been repealed, according to WANE. Hippies, rejoice!

The city recently went through a bunch of ordinances that have no practical use but have been a law for as long as 100 years. Several ordinances were repealed, including the "anti-hippie ordinance".

This makes me wonder if when this whole COVID thing subsides, will there be a large gathering of hippies coming to LaGrange to celebrate? I can see it now. All of the former hippies from the 70s, digging out their old attire from back in the day, going to LaGrange, and having a GROOVY party with Fleetwood Mac as the headliner of the show. Can we please make this happen?

(H/T- WANE 15)

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