If you grew up in Evansville, you know how popular Pizza King is, but did you know that there are several Pizza Kings in Indiana? I thought it was exclusive to Evansville, until one of my friends posted about the Pizza King in New Albany that delivers your drinks on a little train.

This has a very Mr. Rogers feel to it. The little train trolley stopping at your table, and the 'King' looks a lot like King Friday. Perhaps that's what inspired this novelty. Either way, I think it's super cool. Ironically, we used to live in that area, and I have never been there. Oh, and a confession...I've never tried Pizza King. Perhaps it's time to get out of my food comfort zone, but only if it's delivered to me by a choo-choo train.

This video is from the drink's point of view on the train.

The history of Pizza King is pretty interesting. Even though there are many locations, each one is different. Unlike a typical franchise, owners are free to do pretty much anything they want with their shop with one exception: They must get all of their food supplies from the same supplier.

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