Multiple sites have claimed to have found the most charming small town in Indiana, but this is a new one that might surprise you.

Indiana is full of a lot of great small towns. As someone who is from a small town in Indiana, I am proud of where I come from. Boonville, Indiana is a great place to raise a family and to call home. I don't care what anyone says. If you have ever traveled through some of these small towns in Indiana, most of these little towns in the state are pretty charming. There's so much hometown pride in these small towns. Recently we have covered many of these small towns in articles such as the worst small towns in Indiana, an Indiana small town that makes you feel like you are in a Hallmark movie, and the best must-visit small town in Indiana.

Maksym Kapliuk
Maksym Kapliuk

You might think that the same Indiana small town was honored with these accolades, but it seems like with each accolade, it's a different small town. That's certainly the case here. Last year, HGTV listed the 50 most charming small towns in America. The Indiana town that they chose came as a surprise to me. Earlier this year, I saw an article from Reader's Digest that gave their take on the most charming small town in each state. Now, another site claims that they have found the most charming small town in Indiana. Naturally, I was curious about Indiana. I thought I knew what town they would pick, but I couldn't have been more wrong...once again.

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Is This the Most Charming Town in Indiana?

According to a list compiled by AFAR, the most charming, beautiful town in all of Indiana is none other than Angola. This town has never been mentioned in any of the previous articles I have seen about the most charming small town in Indiana.

So, what makes Angola deserving of this honor? Here's what AFAR says:

Northeastern Indiana is blessed with more than 200 serene lakes. The laid-back town of Angola, in particular, is within a 15-minute drive of Crooked Lake, Lake James, and Pokagon State Park’s waters, a destination for kayaking and fishing. After all that outdoor adventure, head into town and peruse the antique shops lining historic Maumee Street or toast a piney single hop IPA at beloved Chapman’s Brewing Co. For events lining up to your visit, check the calendar at Trine University, the largest employer of the town and a large driver of the social scene here. Upcoming events can be anything from a hockey game to an intimate concert with “American Pie” singer-songwriter Don McLean.

I'm not going to lie, this does look like a nice place to visit. Especially when it comes to being outdoors, it's a place where I would take my family on vacation. However, do you think out of all the options, and previous towns being named the most charming in Indiana, do you believe that Angola is the most charming small town in Indiana?

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