One Indiana Sheriff's Deputy recently received a special award after being attacked by a vicious squirrel.

I'm assuming that you have heard the song by Ray Stevens called "The Mississippi Squirrel Revival" by now. If not, here's a little refresher about the day a squirrel went berzerk in the First Self Righteous Church. It's a pretty funny song about a squirrel that went nuts on people (pun intended).

Recently, a squirrel went berzerk in Indiana, but this time it wasn't in church. In fact, this squirrel went nuts at a trailer park on a Harrison County Sheriff's Deputy. According to KIRO 7,

<p class="default__StyledText-xb1qmn-0 fGsjno body-paragraph">Sheriff Nick Smith said deputies initially responded to a call for an older woman who opened the door of her trailer home to let her cat in, when the squirrel came in the house. The squirrel ran up the woman’s leg, across her leg, and up to her head, scratching her.</p><p class="default__StyledText-xb1qmn-0 fGsjno body-paragraph">After a brief pursuit, deputies were able to catch the squirrel, which then attacked the officer once it was removed from the home.</p>

Harrison County Sheriff, Nick Smith posted the video of this incident on his Facebook page and it has garnered a lot of laughs and attention. In the video, you will see deputy David Wheatley flailing around as the squirrel runs rampant all over him.

Sheriff Smith joked that the squirrel is still on the run and wanted for residential burglary and battery. For his efforts, deputy Wheatley received a one-of-a-kind award. Sheriff Smith took to Facebook, once again, to show Wheatley standing with a certificate for "Squirrel Taekwondo" along with a golden squirrel statue.

Let this story be a lesson to you. At the end of the day, squirrels are nuts, and given the opportunity, they will come at you whether you wear a badge or not.

(H/T- KIRO 7)

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