If you have ever heard any codes announced over the intercom at the store, you might want to know exactly what those codes mean because some are very serious.

When you are shopping at a place like Walmart, you really want to get your stuff and get out. You're not really paying much attention to what is going on in the store around you. I'd be willing to bet that you have been inside the store several times and heard an announcement over the intercom. Usually, it's asking for employees to help out at busy registers or for someone to clean up a mess in an aisle. However, there are certain occasions when you might hear an announcement over the intercom that is coded, and sometimes there's an actual cause for concern. After reading this, you will hear them every time, and one day, you may even be thankful that you know what these codes mean. Heck, it might even save your life.

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Walmart's Secret Codes

We covered this a couple of years ago, and now these codes are trending once again. So, now is a good time to remind you of them. A website called Quora just asked the question of retail workers and managers about what those super-secret code words we sometimes hear actually mean. Some of these codes that you might hear on the PA system can be very alarming. Typically, they will be followed by instructions, but unless it is unsafe to leave, it might be in your best interest to get out and get some distance from the situation and the store itself.

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So let's take a look at some of these "secret codes" that you'll hear at places like Walmart, and what they mean so you will know what they are warning the employees about. There are several that will have you wanting to leave immediately!

What are the Meanings of Secret Codes You Might Hear While Shopping

On rare occasions, there will be announcements made using secret codes that only employees understand at the store. Some of these are pretty scary and if you hear them, you will want to exit the store ASAP.

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Again, you will only hear codes like this on rare occasions. The most important thing to remember here is not to panic, as that won't help anyone. If you are able to safely leave the store during one of these codes to keep out of harm's way, do that.

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