You know the age old question "what would you bring with you to a desert island?"  Well now this is a spin. Pretend there's a way to play music on this island, but you could only take  5 artists music with you, so which 5 would you choose?  Here's Toby's choices! 

Ethan Miller, Getty Images for dcp
Ethan Miller, Getty Images for dcp

At a country radio seminar last week Toby Keith answered a super tough question! I mean think about it, which album do you love so much, you'd NEVER tire of it?  That's a tough one! Here's the 5 artists Toby said he'd take with him on a desert island.

  • Willie Nelson
  • Merle Haggard
  • Bob Segar
  • Roger Miller
  • John Prine

You can read Toby picked these 5, here.

So it got me thinking, who would YOU take with you?

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