I'm always learning something new about these smart phones.

It seems like iPhones keep coming up with hidden tricks that never cease to amaze me. I recently learned that you can block unknown callers on your phone, you can unlock your iPhone with your voice, and many other phone hacks along the way. However, I was today years old when I found you that you could take screenshots by tapping the Apple logo on the back of your phone.

It's pretty much widely known that when you want to take a screenshot on a newer iPhone that doesn't have a home button on front, you press down on the lock button and the top volume button on your phone. Sometimes you end up locking your phone because you don't push the two buttons at the exact same time. I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me. So when I found out there was another way to take screenshots, I was intrigued.

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Now, don't start randomly tapping the Apple logo on the back of your phone just yet. You are going to have to set your phone up to allow it to take screenshots that way first. It's a pretty simple process that you can easily do by yourself. Plus, won't take more than a minute to set up. Here's how to take screenshots by tapping on the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone:

How To Take Screenshots By Tapping The Apple Logo On The Back Of Your iPhone

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