Here's something fun, and different for you do to this Halloween season. You can literally hunt down killer clowns with paintball guns in the middle of the woods.

French Lick Manhunt And Survival Games is fairly new to the area. They host "survival style"  games that is fun for all ages.

Their theme for October happens to be "Killer Clown Showdown" What does that mean? According to  French Lick Manhunt And Survival Games:

Every night in OCTOBER you are given the chance to hunt down, and shutdown the killer clowns that have plagued our forests for years, with paintball guns! Do you have what it takes to rid our forest of these crazy killer clowns?

You might be wondering if the clowns actually chase you around in these woods. Well, that all depends on the type of game you choose to play. French Lick Manhunt And Survival Games has several games and difficulty levels for each game that you can choose them once you're there.

This sounds kind of fun. I remember paintballing when I was younger and had a blast. Adding this twist to the game with the "killer clowns" makes it intriguing, and for some, scary. If you know someone with a fear of clowns, this might be their worst nightmare...but then again, it could help them get over their fear of clowns.

You can book appointments now through November 14th by calling or texting 812-666-6859 or 812-653-5313.  There are two hour and 5 "hunting" slots available. For more information on pricing and how it works, you can click here!

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